Nothing Says “I Love You” Like A Heartwarming Cup Of Coffee!

Valentine’s Day is fast on the approach, as we’re sure you’re all very well aware… which means, no doubt,  you’re all wondering how you can best go about showing appreciation for those closest to your heart.

Of course, you could go down the tried and tested route of flowers, a handwritten card and some expensive choccies, but if that sounds a little trite, there’s still time to think outside the chocolate box - and may we suggest that, this year, you might want to consider saying “I love you” with a heartwarming cup of Java Joe!

Now, you might not think that coffee and Valentine’s make particularly good bedfellows, but hold on just a second! There’s a huge amount of romance that can be found within the confines of a coffee cup, so don’t discount it as an option just yet. 

We’re sure you’ve all been on at least one date that involved holding hands across the table of an artisan coffee shop, after all!

In fact, you might even find that sipping on a cup or two of our very popular batch brew can actually give your love life a bit of a power boost! Recent research from various universities has suggested that drinking coffee can potentially help stimulate sexual arousal, so stock the cupboards right now if you want to feel full of frisky beans in a few days time!

What’s certainly true, however, is that the time-honoured practice of coffee drinking is actually an incredibly intimate affair and not something to be dismissed.. 

Knowing how someone enjoys their drink and making it perfectly, whether it’s one lump or two, so strong that the spoon stands up, with a dash of alt mylk or something else entirely, is a fantastic way to show them how much you care and how much notice you take of the little details.

These outwardly insignificant things are actually hugely meaningful and there’s really no better way to demonstrate feelings of love and appreciation than by amplifying and drawing attention to them. 

Everyone wants to feel seen, valued and respected… and you might be surprised at just how powerful the simple act of making your partner their favourite drink can actually be. 

It’s also the perfect opportunity for a microdate! Let them have a little lie-in on February 14th while you hit the kitchen and brew up a storm, letting the wafts of that delicious coffee smell pervade the air to wake them up gently with a hot cup of love. 

Whether it’s Aeropress, espresso, plunger or the more sophisticated pourover, such as the V60, we have a selection of single origin beans for you to take home and brew to your heart’s content. And if you don’t have a grinder, one of our baristas will be happy to grind the coffee for you so it’s perfect for the big day. 

Or, if you’d rather head out and about, you can always come in to see us here at Carbon Kopi and let us do all the hard brewing work for you, while you sit and chat over a romantic French pastry, enjoying the fine art of simply being in love. We’ll be here and waiting to welcome you through the doors!