Turmeric Latte: Make Time For Turmeric!

Don’t drink coffee? Well, there’s no need to fret as most coffee shop menus have a plethora of non-caffeinated drink options.

In fact there’s a whole world of delightful flavours to try here at Carbon Kopi and you can begin your taste adventure with none other than one of our turmeric lattes.

The golden appearance of a turmeric latte is really beautiful (no doubt a huge part of its appeal… you eat with your eyes as well, after all!). It also pairs particularly well with oat milk, so it’s no surprise that it’s a very real favourite with vegans.

When you factor in all the potential health benefits of this very nutritious little root, it’s no wonder it’s also a hit with the fitness crowd - especially post-workout.

No doubt you’re used to seeing turmeric as an ingredient in food (especially if you’re a curry fan), but you may not have considered switching up the routine and including it in your tea or coffee break before.

Doing so can really help give you a health boost, since turmeric has an antioxidant compound called curcumin in it, an effective anti-inflammatory that can really help if you’re recovering from illness or any aches and pains. 

In fact, many hail turmeric as something of a wonder ingredient so if wellness is a top priority for you this year, getting super spicy with it might help you in all sorts of ways.

Our turmeric spice blend introduces the warmth of black pepper and ginger for a little bit more heat on bitingly cold winter days.

But it’s not just the potential health benefits that have our customers constantly reaching for turmeric lattes… the taste is second to none, as well! It’s a nourishing cup with a gently sweet (thanks to raw coconut sugar - no refined sugar, of course!) and subtle earthy taste to it that could well be love at first sip.

If you haven’t tried it, what have you got to lose? Our team is happy to guide you at both our speciality coffee shops to share all they know about our enticing selection of products