Why Coffee House Ambience Is A Great Stress Buster

There are few things in life more relaxing on a tough day than taking a break to have a coffee. Whether it is in your lunch break or at the end of a hard shift, the chance to sit down, enjoy a classic stylishly made drink in the ambience of an artisan coffee shop in London can work wonders.

Indeed, the whole business of taking regular breaks during challenging working days can do great things for mental wellbeing. As Very Well Mind notes, the body is only geared up for dealing with stress for short periods of time, the kind of thing that works with the ‘flight-or-fight’ survival mode, but is not beneficial when prolonged.

Elevated stress levels for long periods can lead to a range of health issues from tummy trouble to headaches, high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. To avoid these, you need to take a break.

There are some folk we are always happy to serve who we know can face higher levels of stress than most, such as the NHS staff we offer a 25 per cent discount to.

It is known that health service staff can face plenty of stress at the best of times - and this winter has been the worst. A new report by the Healthcare Safety Information Branch interviewed large numbers of NHS staff and revealed that “many staff cried or displayed extreme emotion” when discussing the situations they faced.

When problems such as having long waiting times to get ambulances to patients - or to get those waiting in ambulances with often life-threatening conditions into the wards - become normal, it is small wonder such work left many doctors, ambulance staff and others feeling the strain.

Hopefully now winter is passing things will improve on the health front, but such jobs will continue to be very stressful at times. That is why a relaxing break with us can help you to wind down, either at the end of a hard day or before you move on to the next shift.