Copy of Story

Carbon Kopi’s origins began in 2017 in New Zealand where Kiwis first perfected the art of the caffeine buzz.

After relocating to the UK, its founders felt something was amiss and craved that same experience.

They scouted various locations in West London, and the dream finally came true in 2019, when they found a location for speciality coffee in residential Hammersmith.

The corner spot with a bright outlook surrounded by endless residential streets held a distinct charm and character that proved irresistible.

The shop grew to encompass more seating, an outdoor courtyard, more retail goods and snacks, wine and cocktails while still maintaining its unwavering focus on speciality coffee.

Eventually before it burst at the seams we got ready to open location No. 2 in Fulham, on a busy corner at the site of an old post office. Its time for Carbon Kopi to emerge from its sleepy residential back street and stand proudly on a bustling high street in the middle of a brand new community.

We may have two locations but our commitment to what we do hasnt changed. Coffee & Customers first.