Espresso milk-based

Two coffees with heart latte art

Flat white (6oz) £3 

Cappuccino (8oz) £3, (12oz) £3.3

Latte (8oz) £3, (12oz) £3.3

Cortado (4oz) £2.6

Macchiato (4oz) £2.6

Mocha (8oz) £3.1, (12oz) £3.4 (12oz) 


Espresso (4oz) £2.3

Americano (8oz) £2.6, (12oz) £2.8

Long Black (6oz) £2.60

Filter (8oz) £2.8, (12oz) £3.3


Mocha (8oz) £3.1, (12oz) £3.4

Chai latte (8oz) £3.1, (12oz) £3.5

Matcha latte (8oz) £3.1, (12oz) £3.5

Turmeric latte (8oz) £3.1, (12oz) £3.5

Hot chocolate (Kids 6oz) £2.5, (Regular 8oz) £3.1, (Large 12oz) £3.5

Babyccino (4oz) 50p 

Tea (12oz)  £3

English Breakfast

Earl Grey


Tutti Frutti

Lemongrass & Ginger

Jasmine Green

Iced Drinks (12oz)

Espresso tonic £3.9

Iced latte £3.9

Iced Americano £3.5

Iced chai £3.9

Iced mocha £4.4

Iced chocolate £3.9

Iced matcha £3.9


Decaf 50p

Oat / almond / Rebel mylk 30p

Extra shot 50p



The Carbon Kopi daily menu is simple with a focus on fresh and filling options that you can grab and go or relax and savour. Available seven days. 

Ham and cheese croissants – Wiltshire ham, Emmental £3.95

Toasted sandwiches – croque monsieur, New Yorker, three cheese with truffle, chicken pesto £4.95-£5.95

Pastries – croissant, almond croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, fruit danish, chocolate danish, chocolate twist, cinnamon swirl

Cake – banana bread, brownies, flapjack



The Carbon Kopi brunch menu features fresh, seasonal and inspiring flavours crafted by head chef Raúl Ceppi. Available Thursday-Sunday 9am-3pm

Pancakes (v) – £9.5 

3 fluffy American style pancakes with an Asian twist. Matcha yoghurt, kaffir lime sugar, seasonal fruit, layered with caramelised banana and dressed in maple syrup.  

Fluffy pancakes with matcha yoghurt, fresh berries and caramelised banana


Bacon (2 rashers) - £2.5
Caramelised banana (ve) - 
Matcha yoghurt (v) - 50p
Maple syrup (ve) - 50p
Pancake (v) - 
Seasonal fruit (ve) - 
Butter (v) - 50p

On Toast – £9.5

Eggs (v) 

A beautiful sourdough toast topped with your choice of eggs (poached/scrambled). Served with roasted cherry tomatoes and garnished with leaves and our signature mint dressing. 

Poached eggs with sambal hollandaise, sliced avocado on sourdough

Mushrooms (v) 

A beautiful sourdough toast topped with roasted chestnut mushrooms and finished in a creamy sauce with a hint of spice. Served with roasted cherry tomatoes and garnished with leaves and our signature mint dressing.

Scrambled Tofu (ve) 

A beautiful sourdough toast topped with our scrambled tofu to perfectly mimic scrambled eggs. Served with roasted cherry tomatoes, garnished with leaves and our signature mint dressing. 


Panko fried halloumi (v) - £2
Sliced avocado (ve) - £2.5
Feta (v) - 
Sambal hollandaise (v) - 
Cured salmon - 
Bacon (2 rashers) - 
2 poached eggs (v) - 
Scrambled eggs (v) - 
Kimchi (ve) - 

Polenta chips– £5.5

Polenta chips, seasoned with herbs and parmesan and served with our delicious sriracha mayo, and tamarind ketchup dips.

Polenta Chips

Bang bang chicken - £7.95

Spicy chicken bites coated in a crispy batter and served with our special chilli mayo.