Pour Over Coffees

At Carbon Kopi we pride ourselves on working with some of the worlds best Micro Roasters for our guest coffee, we always have a selection of coffees for you to try as pour over, this months selection is from A Matter of Concrete in Rotterdam 

  • 008 Ethiopia (Natural) — Enat Buna
    Natural processed coffee. Clean, winey, strawberries and floral notes of lavender

  • 003 Papua New Guinea (Yellow Honey) — Typica
    Clean clean clean, with silky mouthfeel and crisp acidity. You might also find some vanilla notes in there
  • 001 Brazil (Natural) — Catuai (Available as our Filter or Espresso)
    Classic profile of Brazilian Pulped Natural coffee with great balance, notes of chocolate and a variety of nuts

* Rare/Gesha Coffees have an additional price but are extra special, please discuss with our Barista team who will happily talk you through them


If you enjoy these coffees they are also available to purchase as whole beans or ground to your requirements (i.e. v60, french press, chemex, areopress etc etc)